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Somewhat interesting, if distant, people in the database

    William Cogswell,  Mayflower ships passenger, 7th GGF

    Edward Doty, Mayflower ships passenger, 8th GGF

    Abigail Anne Folger, Killed by Charlie Manson, 7th cousin, 2x removed

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President, 5th cousin, 3x removed

    Civil War Veterans

        Francis John King, GG Uncle

        Horatio Bell, 2nd cousin, 3x removed

        James Edgar Palmer, GGF

        John A McDowell Pelton, 2nd GGF

        Edmund Genet Pelton, 2nd Great Uncle

    Florian Gall, Killled by "angel of death", 2nd cousin 1x removed of my wife

    WWII Veteran

        Frederick Walker Noakes

    WWI Veteran

        Ernest Gurdon Potter

        Edward Dell Brown

        Frederick Noakes

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Palmer, King, Hamlin, Davis, Pelton, Ceperko, Wargo